Custom Framing Made Simple only uses top of the line conservation materials.  We use mat board that is pH neutral (acid free).  We use mounting techniques that are completely reversible and we stock conservation glass that filters up to 99% of the ultra violet light.   As a reminder, UV light not only comes from the sun but the fluorescent lights in many corporate offices are equally as damaging to framed pieces.  Light is not art’s friend.  Its effects need to be negated as much as possible in order to maintain the integrity of the art.

Many pieces you frame are either one of a kind art work, photographs, or limited edition prints.  We want to be sure that your investment is protected and preserved while hopefully it appreciates in value over time.

At CFMS we advise our clients to invest in conservation materials when they want to insure a long lasting future for their framed pieces.   Cost is sometimes a factor but with most framing treatments the difference in price between regular framing and conservation framing is less than 25%.  This amount is usually negligible when looked at in terms of a lifetime.

The bottom line is this…if you want to protect and preserve your memories and investments then conservation framing is the only way to go.