Business Relationship Opportunities

Custom Framing Made Simple stands ready to act as an extension of your business.  This allows you to offer more services and makes what you look more complete.

Photographers:  Do you want to offer custom framing to your clients?  Do you want to offer this service and receive a financial benefit without having and additional overhead or do any physical work?  CFMS can be your “ghost framer”.  We will come to your office, pick up the photographs, frame them according to your specifications and deliver the completed project back to you.  Then you can present it to your client and see their faces light up with satisfaction.  This is very simple…give us a call (804-744-6490)

Interior Designers:  Call us to join you on a client call.  Nothing would be more impressive than showing up to a client’s house with your own custom framing shop in tow.  This takes another step of you business out of your busy day.  No longer is there a need to make an additional trip to a frame shop after you meet with a client.  Plus, once the item is framed, we’ll come back and professionally install it.

Artists – No matter what your medium CFMS can frame your art for display OR in conjunction with your client’s choices.  We specialize in conservation framing so your art will be protected for decades.  We can either discount the frame cost to you or work directly with your client and provide you with a referral fee.  In either case you can reap some benefit with providing custom framing for your client without doing any work or having any additional overheat cost.  This is very simple…give us a call (804-744-6490)

Custom Framing Made Simple  is a Small Woman and Minority (S.W.A.M.) owned business and a certified Micro Business by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (VSBSD)