The finer points of installation

 “When I hang my picture how high should it be and how do I keep it level?”

The height of the picture is usually at eye level to the middle of the picture.  Eye level is different if you are standing or sitting.  So in a room where you are standing the picture will be hung higher that if you are seated.  As a rule of thumb you may hang your pictures wherever you desire based on your height but it you have to look up to clearly see the art your picture is hung too high.  Make the height comfortable for your family’s average height.

Okay I have chosen a suitable height where do I put my hook(s) so it stays level?

USE TWO HOOKS and follow this method.

Simply hold the painting (facing you) with your fingers holding the wire in the back.  Put the picture on the wall you want to hang it on and raise it to eye level (look at the middle of the picture).  Next visualize were the wire is behind the picture and look at the middle of the picture & wire.  Keep your eye at that spot and lower the picture.  Make a mark on the wall and put one hook to the left of the mark and one to the right.  They do not have to be exactly equal distant from the mark and not exactly level…just eyeball it!  The distance between the hooks is based on the size of the picture frame… for example…a frame that is 36” wide a 12” – 15” gap will work fine.  Hang your frame on the hooks and shift it until it is level.  By using two hooks your frame will remain level for a much longer period of time.  You may also anchor the frame with “Pic-Sure-Stays”.  These little guys will make you life easier.








There are many different wall types but the method I just described will work on all surfaces.  However placement of your hooks or other attachment devices may require more extensive wall preparation, i.e. plaster, concrete, brick, etc.



Richard Koechlein

Custom Framing Made Simple



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