Framing original art

“What is the best way to frame original art done on paper?”

First, you are framing an original that cannot be replaced.  This means that you need to frame it in a manner that will keep it from being harmed by light, moisture or external damage.

Types of artwork done on paper include watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, just to name a few.

In an earlier article I discussed the effect that light and moisture have on paper.  We will now discuss how to use proper framing material to correctly frame your artwork once and enjoy it for decades.

There are three important parts to preserve the art…Glazing (glass or acrylic), matboard and mounting.
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The finer points of installation

 “When I hang my picture how high should it be and how do I keep it level?”

The height of the picture is usually at eye level to the middle of the picture.  Eye level is different if you are standing or sitting.  So in a room where you are standing the picture will be hung higher that if you are seated.  As a rule of thumb you may hang your pictures wherever you desire based on your height but it you have to look up to clearly see the art your picture is hung too high.  Make the height comfortable for your family’s average height.

Okay I have chosen a suitable height where do I put my hook(s) so it stays level?
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The Importance of Matboard

 “Tell me about matboard…do I need it…what does it do except make the frame bigger?”

The main purpose of a matboard is to protect and enhance the piece is surrounds.  Protect and preserve is the motto I live by in the picture framing world.  Mat board should protect the artwork, keep it away from touching the glass, and provide some breathing room between the art and the frame.  If you do not use a matboard then I recommend using “spacers” between the image and the glass.

There are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing a mat(s).
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